One of the immortal Firstborn races, dragons are only born within a newly forming world.

"It is said they were born within the world as it formed. For deep under the surface, deeper than the Undirgrafa have ever dreamt of delving, lies an ocean of fire from which the dragons were birthed." - Ash and Origin

Description Edit

A dragon's size and appearance varies greatly depending on where their habitat is and how large their soul is. You can tell apart a small dragon and a large drake by the thicker body of a dragon as well as the intelligence for speech that drakes lack.

Personality Edit

Dragons are known for their cruelty, most lack sympathy toward those that they view as lesser creatures. This isn't a universal rule as exemplified by the dragon Hiidvor's kindness.

Such is the nature of dragons, to dominate and rule, which is considered by them to be a blessing of favor unto the other races.

Dragons lust though they lack the ability to procreate, and their resulting deranged appetites helped fuel a lasting hatred from the other races.

Abilities Edit

All Dragons are resistant to fire, and most command it.

Dragons are masters of magic, and it is said that magic runs as deeply within them as it does the world. Their control of the elements make the ability of the Elri seem weak by comparison.

History Edit

The First Age, the Age of Peace Edit

For one thousand years, which was considered the first age, the dragons lied dormant within the world. Before they arrived they sent their lesser-kin, who ravaged the land for nearly two hundred years in what became to be known as the Siege of Fire.

The dragons emerged, choking the land with smoke, claiming all the land as their own and so ending the age of peace.

"Fourth to come were the dragons, who erupted from the great mountains of the land in wreaths of fire and blew a shroud of smog so thick it swallowed the land in a black abyss, subduing all living things to their power, and lo did they lack magnanimity."

The Second Age, the Age of Dracaerie Edit

The Third Age, the Age of the New World Edit