One of the immortal Firstborn races, the Elri were once a peace loving people. Through the slow corruption by the Demons, and the torment of the Dragons' reign, they have been twisted into something less than they once were.

"First, there were the Elri Folk, who lived in harmony with the land and of which there has consisted as many clans as there are biomes. The elements bend to their will, though that power has waned in the Age of Chaos.
Long before the dragons came, peace pervaded the land for many prosperous years. The three clans of Elri sustained peace amongst themselves and the people of the Underlands kept to themselves. The demons did not reveal themselves at once, they came in peace and integrated into the Elri and Undirgrafa. It may never be known what intentions each held, but by their nature they incited chaos.
The clans of the Elri splintered as the poison of distrust and selfish desire spread throughout. The horror of the wars that followed would forever taint the once pure people of Elri, though it proved to be the one quality that saved them from utter decimation when the Grafr invaded from below." - Ash and Origin